We grow quality medium grain varieties, such as Calrose & Sweet, on our prime clay soils in the heart of California’s “rice bowl” region. Our state of the art ground preparation, planting, growing and harvesting methods ensure we produce the highest quality rice.

Dried Plums
Over a decade ago Larrabee Farms branched out (literally) into growing French Prunes, otherwise known as “dried plums.” Our sweet and juicy prunes are grown on fertile loam soils with the utmost care and consideration of you, the consumer, in mind.
We grow three varieties of pecans, Shoshone, Wichita, and Pawnee, on our fertile loam soils near the Sacramento River. We completed our first harvest in the fall of 2007. As these orchards continue to mature, look for them on market shelves near you or feel free to order them directly from us info@larrabeefarms.com. We think you’ll agree, our California Pecans are definitely the best you’ve had!

Rice Drying & Storage
Larrabee Farms has both drying and storage facilities to ensure our grain products are handled with the care. As these crops come in from the field, we dry and store our grains with modern equipment to maintain the superior quality of the products we grow.

Seed Cleaning
We have further integrated our rice operation with the addition of our seed cleaning facility. This state of the art equipment ensures the highest quality seeds are sorted and separated for next year’s crop. We are constantly refining this process to ensure our seed is to the highest standard for your, and our, use.

Custom Farming
Larrabee Farms also provides a full array of custom farming services, from consulting to complete farm management. Our modern fleet of equipment and professional services can grow your own operation or instill your lands will be well cared for many years to come. Please contact us today for an initial consultation. info@larrabeefarms.com



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