“… in every well regulated State, agriculture must ever be deemed the paramount interest, because it furnishes the necessaries of life, food and raiment, on which we all depend, and without which no government, or society, can exist.  It is a safeguard against the contingencies of war & famine, and should ever be the pride of the people and receive the fostering care of the government.”  - John Bidwell, 1860, speaking to the California State Agricultural Society

“Thank you for visiting our website!  Just as Larrabee Farms has grown over the years, we hope to use this site to grow your understand of our philosophy, operations, and history, and grow our business as well.  Welcome!”   

Larrabee Farms is a family run operation that lies in the fertile Butte Basin area of the Northern Sacramento Valley.  We have been actively farming in the Sacramento Valley for four generations now.  We pride ourselves on being a smart and progressive farming operation that seeks to do better today than we did yesterday.  The ultimate goal is leaving our operation in better shape than we inherited it, just like our family members did before us.  We are constantly searching for efficiencies to improve our business practices and creating better quality in the products we produce.  We also strive to teach people not affiliated with agriculture the benefits we provide to those who consume our products and enjoy the many benefits of the wildlife that use our farm for a stop over break or year-round home.  

            Larrabee Farms           
            1496 County Road Z
            P.O. Box 172
            Butte City, California 95920
            Email – info@larrabeefarms.com



PO Box 172
Butte City, CA 95920

(530) 982-2167

(530) 982-2168


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